Mellisa Tse (Supertaster Mel) and Jeff Ma
Pride of Chicago: Lou Stejskal and Beth Lang
Marta Yancy Serrano & Jorge Camera of Dubai
Zoe Bowker (Table 7), Richard Bagnold (Majorfoodie) & Pahlavi Sangtani
Michael Kalnay travelled to Copenhagen from Canada’s Northwest Territories
Alan Gardner, Suzanne Treloar, Steve Plotnicki, Scotty Treloar & Catherine Gardner
One Bite Consulting’s Laurent Vanparys and Justine Pascuito
Supertaster Catherine Fogel
Oriol Castro & Eduoard Xatruch of Disfrutar
Daniela Heykes (Room 246), Christian Lippert (Sternfresser) & Denise Wachter (Stern)
Jessee Alexander-Hoeppner  & Adam Jed of Washington D.C.
Boston’s Rob Sadowski & his wife Anna
Tokyo meets San Francisco: Takefumi Hamada & Robert Driscol
OAD founder Steve Plotnicki with old friends from Tel Aviv, Boaz Coster and his wife Aliza
Alan Weissgerber & Barbara Eselböck of Taubenkobel
Best New Restaurant Nominee Alexandre Mazzia with Steve Plotnicki
The Nordic Dream Team. From top left: Torsten Vildgaard, Niklas Ekstedt, Steve Plotnicki, Nicolai Nørregaard, Rene Redzepi and Daniel Berlin
Grace Chen and Jason Wang (aka City Foodsters) with Yoji Tokuyoshi and Steve Plotnicki
Frederico dell Omarino, Antonio Guida, Yoji Tokuyoshi, Steve Plotnicki, Nina Nikkhou and Takuya Watanabe
Pierre Marcoli & Alain Passard
Steve Plotnicki with Trine Lai of Very Good Food and Laurent Vanparys of One Bite Consulting
Nina Nikkou of Paris’s Jin with her parents, Nick and Takeko
Stéphanie Biteau of Cookooning and Betty Marais of Label B Consulting
The Spanish Contingent: Lola Montes, Patricia Mateo, Marta Fernandez Guadaño and Rosa Rivas
Best New Restaurant nominee Ryuji Teshima with his wife Naoki and son Hugo
Alan Weissgerber & Barbara Eselböck of Taubenkobel
Best New Restaurant nominee Vilhjalmur Sigurdarson, Atsushi Tanaka of A.T. in Paris &
Disfrutar’s Edouard Xatruch & Oriol Castro accepting the Best New Restaurant Award
The boys from Kadeau Bornholm accepting their award for the Highest New Entry
Special Culinary Achievement Award winner Rene Redzepi of Noma
Alain Passard accepting his award for reaching the Number 1 spot in the 2016 Top 100+ European Restaurant list.
Two happy guys: Alain Passard and Jean-Bernard Magescas
A well deserved honor
I get to hang out with some pretty good chefs
Party time
Sang-Hoon Deigembre of L’Air du Temps
Alain Passard & Jean-Bernard Magescas
Paul Cunningham, René Redzepi & Rasmus Kofoed in deep conversation
Niklas Ekstadt & Sarah Canet
Nicolai Nørregaard & Christian Pugliesi discussing their empires
The Relae team hard at work
Christian Pugliesi’s lardo toast with ramsons and capers
Daniel Berlin served his signature barbecued celeriac
Daniel Berlin grating cheese on his grilled celeriac
Nicolai Nørregaard & the team from Kadeau preparing their dish
Kadeau’s grilled asparagus, cockles & spruce
Niklas Eksted’s clever use of a coal chimney to char oysters
Niklas Eksted’s charred oysters in beef fat
Henne Kirkeby Kro’s Paul Cunningham got the biggest wow of the night by serving an entire codfish to each table
Paul Cunningham’s butter baked cod with buttered potatoes
Torsten Vildgaard of Studio grilled langoustines
Torsten Vildgaard’s grilled langoustine with young black currents & roasted yeast
Tim Raue grilled some fatty pork chin
Off the grill to rest before being plated
Tim Raue’s fatty pork chin Shangai style, papaya & coriander
Tim Raue & Paul Cunningham have good reason to be happy
The Noma team working the grill
René Redzepi served grilled beef ribs
The finished product
Finger food
Japanese chefs show off their expertise at cleaning a fish
Pierre Marcolini goes into action
Frozen & ready to go
Pierre Marcolini at work
Putting on the finishing touches
Pierre Marcolini & Hideki Nishi with the finished product
Like father like daughter
A selfie among friends is a great way to end an evening
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