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July 19, 2014

Candid Shots From the 2014 OAD Top 100 European Restaurants Dinner Pt 1

Though there have been a lot of different photos of the dinner held at Brussels’ Bozar Brasserie on June 6 that have been floating around the web, this is the first publication of the official photographs of the evening. I thought I would post some of the better shots taken during the event. I am going to publish a second post with the menu and photos of the finished dishes. Thanks to Anthony Florio for taking these photos, and thanks to all of the chefs: Esben Holmboe Bang (Maaemo), Quique Dacosta, Sang-Hoon Deigembre (L’Air du Temps), Gert deMangaleer (Hertog...
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OA Blog/Destination DiningJuly 11, 2014

30 Restaurants I Plan On Visiting This Summer

Okay I know I won’t be able to visit all of them. But I will visit a good number of these restaurants by the end of the year. In fact I have already visited a few of them (Luskus, Rosette, Petruce, The Ordinary, Rolf & Daughter, North & Tao Yuan for those of you who like to keep track of these things.) And you know what, you should consider visiting them as well. They all look like they have something interesting to offer. And since the focus of the list is primarily not on fine dining, the price points at most these...
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OA Blog/Destination DiningJuly 3, 2014

Even though I tried, a man can’t live on sushi alone. So I figured that as long as I was spending 13 days in Japan (12 in Tokyo and 1 in Kyoto), I would sample some of the other fare. Tops on my list were Kobe beef and tempura, and based on a recommendation from Paul Liebrandt, I had the concierge at the Mandarin Oriental make a booking for Aragawa. I also had them book 7 Chome Kyobashi, which is the only tempura restaurant to be awarded 3 star Michelin stars.

But there were lots of other things to eat

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OA Blog/Destination DiningJune 30, 2014

If you eat a lot of sushi in the U.S., it is quite common for someone you are having a discussion with to ask if you have ever been to Tokyo. Let me tell you, if the answer happens to be no, and it is also the case that they have been there themselves, their response would typically be, “you’re kidding. Oh my god. Alice did you hear that? He has never been to Tokyo. You gotta go they have the best blah, blah, blah there." This response is always offered in the most emphatic of ways, and is accompanied...
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Monday Morning AgitatorJune 17, 2014

Very few occurrences in the world of food sadden me. But the news that come November, Wylie Dufresne will be shutting WD-50, made its way onto that very short list. Not that I enjoyed eating at WD-50 all that much: In fact it would be fair to say that I actively disliked a good 25% of the food Wylie served there. But deliciousness is only one test of culinary greatness. There are instances where the culinary technique that is at play can be just as important. And as far as culinary technique goes, some of the most important...
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