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75 Restaurants I Plan On Visiting By the End of the Year

Now that the 2015 survey season is over, and with the 2016 season not kicking into gear until fall, I plan on using all of my free time (right) to do some serious dining. Last year, I published a list of the restaurants I was hoping to eat at over the summer. Much to my surprise it was an especilly popular post. So this year I expanded the list to include reservations I have at places in September and the beginning of October, as well as including a list of restaurants I am planning on trying between mid-October to mid-December. Crazy thing about it is, I did a count and either I have already been to, or have reservations at, 34 of the places on the list. Maybe I will run into you somewhere. In fact if any are on our own list and you want to catch a meal while I am traveling though your city, just drop me a line. Enjoy the great weather!

1. 1833 House, Monterey, CA
2. Alinea, Chicago, IL
3. Andrew Michael Italian Restaurant, Memphis, TN
4, Aponniente, Cadiz, Spain
5. Ardent, Milwaukee, WI
6. Auberge de Vieux Puits, Fontjoncouse, France
7. Aubergine, Carmel, CA
8. Bar Tartine, San Francisco, CA
9. Bastide de Capelongue, Bonnieux, France
10. Benoit Violier , Crissier, Switzerand
11. Bernard et Benoit DeWitte, Zingem, Belgium
12. Bloempot, Lille, France
13. Can Jubany, Barcelona, Spain
14. Catbird Seat, Nashville, TN
15. Chapeau, Amsterdam, NE
16. Chef & Farmer, Kinston, NC
17. Chef & Sommelier, Helsinki, Finland
18. Cockscomb, San Francisco, CA
19. De Leest, Vassen, NE
20. Del Cambio, Torino
21. Duck Inn, Chicago, IL
22. Duomo, Ragusa, Italy
23. Esperanto, Stockholm, SW
24. D' Etoile-sur-Mer, Paris, FR
25. Farmstead, Newtown, MA
26. Fork, Philadelphia, PA
27. Gaesthaus Klaus Erfort, Saarbrucken, Germany
28. Hajime, Osaka, Japan
29. Hertog Jan, Zedelgem, Belgium
30. Heyday . Minneapolis, MN
31. Honey Paw, Portland, ME
32. Jon & Vinny's, Los Angeles, CA
33. Josephine , Nashville, TN
34. Kitcho, Kyoto, Japan
35. La Brasa, Somerville, Ma
36. La Madia, Licata, Italy
37. La Mere Brazier, Lyon, France
38. Lazy Bear, San Francisco, CA
39. Lupulo, New York, NY
40. Mercado del Taberna, London, UK
41. Mikawa Zensyko, Tokyo, Japan
42. Milktooth, Indianapolis, IN
43. Mizai, Kyoto, Japan
44. Mourad, San Francisco, CA
45. Nakamura, Kyoto, Japan
46. Nerua, Bilbao, Spain
47. Nightbell, Asheville, NC
48. Obana, Tokyo, Japan
49. Otoko, Austin, TX
50. Parachute, Chicago, IL
51. Peche Seafood Grill, New Orleans, LA
52. Playground, Santa Ana, CA
53. Quintessence, Tokyo, Japan
54. Rakulthur, Stockholm, SW
55. Raymond's, St. John, Newfoundland
56. Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, London, UK
57. Rebelle, New York, NY
58. Ribelle, Brookline, MA
59. Roister, Chicago, IL
60. Ron Gastrobar, Amsterdam, NE
61. Saint Martha, Los Angeles, CA
62. Samhoud Places, Amsterdam, NE
63. Shaya, New Orleans, LA
64. Souvenir, Ypres, Belgium
65. Spoon & Stable, Minneapolis, MN
66. Square Root, New Orleans, LA
67. Studio, Copenhagen. DK
68. Sushi Sawada, Tokyo, Japan
69. Take Root, Brooklyn, NY
70. The Dabney, Washington DC
71. The Table by Kevin Fehling, Hamburg, Germany
72. West Loop Salumi, Chicago, IL
73. Westward, Seattle, WA
74. White Oak Tavern, Chicago, IL
75. Willows Inn, Lummi Island, WA