La Cuisine de ma Grand-Mère
Top 100+ Europe Announcement
May 15, 2017, Maison Blanche, Paris France
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The view
Alexandre Couillon of La Marine
Andreas Caminada of Schloss Schauenstein
Mattias Kroon & Virginia Anne Newton
Linda Plotnicki with Scott & Samantha Friar
Rob & Anna Sadowski
Bernard & Benoit DeWitte
Vilhjalmur Sigurdarson, Nicholas Darnauguilhem & Atsushi Tanaka
Taubenkobel's Walter, Eveline & Barbara Eselböck with Alain Weissgerber
Copenhagen Crew - Luis Moreno, Karlos Ponte, Magnus Kofoed, Nicolai Nørregaard & Rasmus Kofoed
Luigi Taglienti, Stephanie Pelaprat, Alain Passard & Jean-Bernard Magescas
Jin's Takuya Watanabe & Nina Nikkhou with Steve Plotnicki
Grace Chen & Jason Wang showing some love
Mauro Colagreco of Mirazur
David Toutain
Quique Dacosta
Esterelle Payany & Wai-Ming Lung
Maria Canabal & Didier Fertilati
Linda Plotnicki, Richard Bagnold & William Borner
Pierre Marcolini & Steve Plotnicki
Quique Dacosta & Geranium's Rasmus Kofoed with their grandmothers
Grandma gets a well deserved kiss from Quique Dacosta
Shinichi Sato of Passage 53
Luis Moreno & Karlos Ponte of Taller
Jean & Antoinette Pitz
Getting ready to announce the winners
Angel Leon, Steve Plotnicki, Alain Passard, Luigi Taglienti, Franck Giovannini
Luigi Taglienti of Lume
Quique Dacosta & Alain Passard
Everyone is a photographer these days
Dinner is Served
Rasmus Kofoed & Alexandre Couillon in a state of deep concentration
Jean-Bernard Magescas demonstrating his knowledge of cuisine to Lucas-Cartons' Julian Dumas
Mauro Colagreco & team take a moment to smile for the cameras
Some of the top chefs in the world trying to pick up a few tips from Alexandre Couillon
Didier Fertilati & a relaxed David Toutain now that his course has been served
Alexandre Couillon, David Toutain, Alain Passard & Mauro Colagreco
Andreas Caminada & his team plate his dish
The iconic Arpège egg
Atsushi Tanaka's Tartare of Horse Mackerel with Asparagus & Asparagus granita
Dinner was served family style
David Toutain's Sweetbread Terrine with Sauce Gribiche
Mauro Colagreco made his grandmother's recipe of codfish with a stew of chickpeas and peppers
Christophe Pauly of Le Coq au Champs about to enjoy Mauro's dish
Alexandre Couillon's Warm Potato Salad with Shellfish which he dedicated to his grandfather
Shinichi Sato's Chicken Curry Grandma Style
Andreas Caminada served Maluns, Capuns & Pizziccheri and distributed a short book which explained the cooking of Switzerland's Grisson region
The challenge of making the perfect stuffed cabbage for 160 people
Rasmus Kofoed's dish of Stuffed Cabbage with Spring Vegetables and Horseradish
Rasmus Kofoed chatting with Aiste Miseviciute & Takefumi Hamada
Quique Dacosta's Suckling Lamb Stew a la Mama Mari
Alain Passard's Rhubarb Tart
Pierre Marcolini's Hand-Dipped Ice Cream Pops
All of the evening chefs gathered for a round of applause
An unbeatable location for an after party
A token of our appreciation for the guests on their way home
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