American Restaurant - 2013 Opinionated About Dining Survey

If you rate at least 50 restaurants for the 2013 Opinionated About Dining Survey (OAD Survey) between today and December 31, we will send you a gift coupon good which you can use when having dinner at the American Restaurant. And for every additional 25 restaurants that you rate, we will add another $25 to your coupon, up to a maximum of $150. It’s easy to participate. Simply read the terms and conditions below and then just click on the link in order to participate.

Terms & Conditions

A. Your registration must include your real name, your mailing address and a working email address.
B During the registration process, please enter “American Restaurant" in the box marked referral
C. In order to qualify for a gift coupon, you must review a minimum of fifty (50) restaurants, for which you will receive a $50 gift coupon.
D. Restaurants you review can be located in either the U.S.,Canada or Europe
E. Each review must contain a rating and a comment describing your experience at the restaurant. Comments should be concise.
F. For every additional 25 restaurants you rate above 50, we will increase the amount of your gift coupon by $25. So if you rate 75 restaurants, you will receive a coupon for $75. Rate 100 restaurants and receive a $100 gift coupon. Rate 125 restaurant and receive a $125 gift coupon. Rate 150 restaurant and receive a gift coupon for $150
G. The maximum amount of the gift coupon you can earn is $150
H. You reviews must be entered into our database no later than 11:59PM on November 31, 2012
I. Gift coupons will be issued within a week of your qualifying for one. Once you have completed the survey, please email us at so we can expedite sending you your coupon.

Register for the 201

If you would like to participate in OAD restaurant reviews,
register now for the survey.
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